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Friday, February 15th, 2013
2:01 am - 1 Billion Rising ~ Dance
What I did today:

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Sunday, May 6th, 2012
2:13 am - Things Turn up...
My masks found their way into a music video. I hadn't even thought of them in ages, and then this:

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
9:26 pm - Inspiration

My friend Maia from julia warr on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
2:18 pm - Word
UPenn station for the poetry reading WIN! Clicky-click

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Monday, January 16th, 2012
2:14 am - Another Link
More well-said thoughts about blogging...

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Thursday, December 29th, 2011
3:18 pm - Drive-by post, with linkage...
I've been musing on blogging again... the WHYs and WHAT TOs and What's Next of it all.

And today I found THIS. *nods head* Thoughts?

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Sunday, October 30th, 2011
3:47 am - October Snow

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
3:20 pm - Awesomeness!

Little libraries cropping up all over? WIN! Read more here .

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Saturday, August 27th, 2011
3:28 pm - Board Games
endlessrarities posted about playing nine mens morris. I wish more people played, as I made several boards with different designs and they are sadly unused. Here is my favorite:

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Saturday, August 13th, 2011
3:08 pm - Night Depository
A story for tonight's full moon...

Asha creeps down alleys and lanes, eyes downcast and pockets empty. The only thing she carries is a folded slip of paper tucked into her palm. Her fingers are ink-stained; she believes the magic will only work when the letters are penned in the deepest purple she can find and the paper has been hand-made from her own secret combination of pulp and ephemera.

Her pockets are empty because she knows the night streets are dangerous. If confronted, she will have nothing of worth to give, and Asha recognizes that this, in itself, is almost as dangerous as traveling around with a fat wallet and a neck hung with bling. What she doesn’t know is that she shines anyway, with an elusive glow obvious only to those familiar with the characteristics of hope.

Sometimes the letters that Asha delivers are relevant to her own needs and desires, but they are just as likely to contain the wishes of others, garnered from long telephone conversations with friends, bits she’s observed on the internet, or snippets overheard on street corners. Her writing is almost illegible, a tightly cramped scrawl filled with loops and curves that bend into shapes resembling ancient symbols whose meaning has long been lost, faded into obscure history texts or books on alchemy.

She approaches the cross streets and pauses. There is rarely anyone else in the area at this time of the evening but she wants to be sure. She quickly scurries forward, pulls down the lever on the night depository and stashes her letter inside. She checks to make sure it is secure in the metal box, but she doesn’t linger.

On her walk home, Asha imagines what the morning tellers make of the pages she leaves there. Do they laugh, she wonders, or do they covertly add their own wishes to the list? She hopes that what she’s doing isn’t some sort of federal offense. Upon her return, Asha’s boyfriend gives her an indulgent smile and goes to put the kettle on. He is used to her nocturnal outings and knows he cannot stop them.

Back at the bank, another figure emerges from the shadows. The woman is slim, dressed in tight jeans and a black tank top. Her cheeks are round, but she wears a much different face than the one usually portrayed by painters or prophets. Anyone mistaking her for human would know otherwise if they were there to see her reach into the depository and retrieve the slip of paper from the impossibly small chute.

The Moon Goddess cups the letter in her hands and murmurs a brief chant. When she opens her palms, the page has crumbled into thousands of tiny bits. A light breeze emanates from her fingertips and, for miles around, people smile in their sleep, dream-fed. The Moon Goddess lifts her hands up to the sky and watches as the shreds drift silently upward. “There you are, my children.”

The stars hungrily devour their meal and the night echoes with their thanks.

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Thursday, July 28th, 2011
2:55 pm - So Much Beauty!

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Thursday, July 21st, 2011
3:08 am - The Summer Girl
The mid-summer heat is on. I've been playing inside in the AC, and today I took a cruise through my old LJ posts. It was kind of sad to see how many friends have left this blogosphere, but even still... I find myself missing LJ, so here ~ have a story:

The summer girl wears lilies in her hair and sunlight on her skin, always. She favors skimpy silk dresses and is partial to boys with curls. She kisses a number of them, lips reckless in the moonlight, until she finds her favorite, the one without tan lines.

He is so smitten that he forgets his own name until she gives it back to him, murmured over and over into his hot skin while the rest of the world slumbers. In the morning his eyes shine and his limbs glow. All of his friends are jealous.

The couple spends long afternoons lounging on the beach or splashing in the sea and at night they chase fireflies. They have not spent more than a few moments apart since they met; their entire world is comprised of one shared delight after another, each pursued with a leisurely disdain for time. And then the nights turn crisp.

He is surprised to discover that she owns neither jacket nor socks. He slips his sweater over her head, but it is not enough to stop her shivering. The next day he wakes to a cold pillow and a puddle of silk on the floor. He cradles the dress in his arms and weeps her name into it, but the summer girl is gone.

For months he pines for her touch, dreams her shape back into the bed beside him. He sees her face in every passing cloud and shouts his love for her into the sky until he is hoarse with longing. Eventually her memory fades to a whisper only, but for the rest of his life, the scent of lilies instills heartache.

**** *** ****

(originally posted at "Lens and Pen" ~ the Blogger site where I blend my photography and fiction)

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2:48 am - In the Reading Realm
"The Story Sisters" by Alice Hoffman

Somewhere on my LJ there's a much more articulate review of this book, from when I read it for the first time. Even the second time around... hot damn, this book. THIS BOOK! Excellent in so many ways!

"The Peach Keeper" by Sarah Addison Allen

An enjoyable read, filled with small enchantments and people who seem almost like they could be your neighbors, if you caught them at their most interesting and quirky moments :~)

"Ruby" by Francesca Lia Block and Carmen Stanton

(re-read) Part coming of age tale, part wish-fulfillment fantasy, this story is full of magic and echoes of fairy tales come true. I've always liked Francesca Lia Block's prose style, and the fact that the shiny things that happen in her books are usually grounded in reality rather than dripping with sentiment.

"The Secret Papers of Madame Olivetti" by Annie Vanderbilt

Chick Lit. A recent widow finds respite by writing out her memoir. Along with past relationships, there are also current family matters, an affair with a handy man, and a mysterious gentleman renter. Not quite as predictable as most chick lit ~ an enjoyable read.

"Promises to Keep" by Charles DeLint

Jilly has always been one of my favorite DeLint characters, so this was a no-brainer. *loves*

"A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness

This book was recommended by DeLint via his FB page. I was reluctant to pick it up because vampire lit has become so redundant, but oh... I should have known better. The beginning part of the book is set in my beloved Oxford (sigh) and if that weren't enough, the tale is chock full of magic and a delightfully geeky mix of science, alchemy and romance. The content is thoroughly engaging, as are the characters (even the vampires!). I didn't want to see this book end and I'm hoping there's a sequel.

"The Silence of Trees" by Valya Dudycz Lupescu

A very well written book that spins the tale of Nadya, a post-war Ukrainian immigrant. It is filled with wit and wisdom, courage, loss and hope and is richly interspersed with cultural myth and folklore. Recommended.

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Saturday, June 4th, 2011
3:06 am - Update
Still keeping an eye on all you LJers, but am mostly posting images and words to go with them here .

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
10:16 pm - In the Reading Realm
"The Bones of the Moon" by Jonathan Carroll
A fine narrative that delves into dreams and what happens when they cross the line between night-time wanderings and reality.

"Precious" by Sapphire
The heartbreaking story of an underprivileged but courageous young girl.

"Witches Abroad" by Terry Pratchett
Nanny and Granny invade the land of skewered fairy tales. La! What's not to love!?!

"The Last Lecture" Randy Pausch
Poignant in parts, but the overtones of self-importance and the elitist privileges of wealth took a bite out of the this one for me.

"Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen
Reread ~ Just as enchanting the second time around.

"The Outside Boy" by Jeanine Cummins
A coming-of-age tale that revolves around a Pavee gypsy boy. Very well done!

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Thursday, April 7th, 2011
2:54 pm - Spring Photo Blog
These snowdrop sisters braved the liminal season between winter and spring:

Daffys echo the brightness of the early spring sun. There is definitely a mutual love affair going on there:

This showy crocus seems quite happy to revel in spring as well!

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Monday, April 4th, 2011
4:29 am - In the Reading Realm
"The Red Garden" by Alice Hoffman

Hoffman presents a series of tales that chronicles the history of a small town. The interconnections between both people and place are delightful, as is the usual touch of magic realism that Hoffman inevitably breathes into her fiction.

"The Sisters Mortland" by Sally Beauman

This was a surprise of a book ~ neither what I expected nor what the beginning foreshadowed. The plot revolves around three sisters, an atmospheric haunted abbey of a home, an evocative painting (and the painter who made it) and an aging ad exec. An interesting look at a complicated web of relationships.

"Mermaid" by Carolyn Turgeon

An adult retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, fleshed out by Turgeoun's exploration of back-story and the presentation of a dual perspective (the mermaid and the princess). Formal review forthcoming in Cabinet des Fees.

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Saturday, March 12th, 2011
2:14 am - An open letter...
Dear LJ

We've been together for a long time now. You were always the first one I showed my projects to, I've shared secrets with you, told you stories and we made some wonderful friends together. We have, you know, history! And now you are SPAMMING me? Honestly, I feel a little betrayed, especially as I've stuck around here when so many others have moved out. I really don't want this relationship to end, all I ask is that you stop sending me messages in a language I don't understand, OK?

Don't want to lose that loving' feeling,

PS ~ I put the latest offering in my "Lens and Pen" series up on my Blogger. It's not cheating if I post a link, right?

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Monday, March 7th, 2011
3:07 am - My rainy day, let me share it with you...
I was quite happy to discover that I wasn't the only one taking my camera out into the rain today. There's me, crouching over a small stream, trying to catch a bubble or two as they floated by. lizziebelle got a much better photo than I did, but I'm adding mine to the mix anyway. Can you spot the umbrella?

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Thursday, February 24th, 2011
1:31 am - Lens and Pen Series
~ Snow-Capped ~

Out of the night sky, stars fall.
No one sees them, of course,
But they land, ground-cupped,
Soft as snow drift, sporting
Mantles of winter's signature white.
They bring ancestors' songs and secrets
That shape themselves into wind
Made blustery with wishes
And swirls of flakes dancing
To the memory of moonlight.
In the morning, the world
Is all covered in sparkles.

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